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Hair Clippers Guide — Trim Like a Dream

A pair of solid hair clippers can help you maintain your hair style. Or go after a new image. Or have your locks trimmed, over-and-done style, if you’re stuck at home and can’t visit a stylist/barber. 

We’ll give you tips on how to choose a quality hair trimmers for men and women. Along with a selection of the 5 top barber clippers. (Based on ratings, reviews and features). Enjoy!

Our Top Pick

ConairMAN 3-in-1 Chrome Haircut Kit
Wahl Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper & Trimmer

An ergonomic and easy-to-use model, Wahl Color Pro is a great choice for domestic usage. Just look what it can boast of:

  • Cordless usage.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Removable attachments.
  • For men, women and kids.
  • One hour of work when charged completely.

One of the best among Wahl clippers, Color Pro is a universal beauty tool. It suits men, women and children.

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Basically, there’s no mission this hair trimmer can’t handle. Need a quick trim to reduce the hair layer? Want to maintain your stylish look? Or give a home haircut to your 6-year-old troublemaker? Wahl can do it all. You can even give a hairdo to your pets with it too.

Thanks to its attachments, you can easily choose the needed hair length — just pick the right comb. Then watch the hair smoothly disappear, leaving an accurate lineation.

It can be used as a cordless gizmo. But the charging mode is also present. The fully charged device can do its barber magic for 60 minutes. Such longevity makes it one of the professional hair clippers for barbers.

Plus, attachments are removable. You can take one off to rinse/disinfect it for later use. Its package includes a neat little bag with an arsenal of extra attachments. That’s what Wahl hair clippers are known for.

All in all, Wahl Color Pro guarantees quick and smooth grooming. It provides a pretty clean fade thanks to its blades. It doesn’t tear your hair like cheap trimmers do. So, you can easily maintain your hair style, be it a laconic military cut or an elegant long pixie.

Reliable Classic

Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper
Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

With an old-fashioned design, it’s one of the best Oster hair clippers. Here we have a 9 ft power cable, set of sharp blades and a durable casing. With only one speed mode, it does a great job at slicing through hair of the various thickness without chewing it. Which makes it a great tool among hair clippers for men.

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Man’s Choice

Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Self-Haircut Kit
Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Self-Haircut Kit

#1 among the best hair clippers for men. It’s powered with a lithium battery and armed with shark-sharp blades. 9 combs allow you to experiment with trimming sizes from 1.5 to 12. Stainless steel blades leave an even and smooth contour. Besides, it’s easy to wash steel under water. If you’ve been craving a pair of professional hair clippers for men — try this one.

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ConairMAN 3-in-1
ConairMAN 3-in-1

A Swiss knife among electric hair clippers, Conair can trim any type of hair. They include beards, mustache, nose hair, etc. Apart from attachments, you also get accessories: styling comb, scissors, cape, clips, etc. With such versatility — from trimming to depilation — it virtually belongs to the professional hair clippers class.

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Laser-like Precision

Philips Series 9000
Philips Series 9000

Philips 9000 is equipped with a laser guidance. It provides nearly surgical precision when removing hair. Be it your head, neck or face, it will do a solid job at ’mowing’ hair. You can regulate the cutting length up to a millimeter. Practically, Philips 9000 can compete with any Remington hair clippers.

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1. How to use hair clippers?

The operation takes a few steps:

Cleaning up. Bring the vacuum cleaner. (A portable will do).

2. Where to buy hair clippers?

You don’t need a specialized store or a fancy boutique to purchase a great tool. Both women’s and men’s hair clippers, professional and domestic ones, can be found on Amazon and other online stores. Our selection includes wonderful gadgets that proved their worth, so you can surely buy one of them.

3. What to look for in a good pair of clippers?

First, check what its blades are made from. Stainless steel is the best material, as it provides ample sharpness and can be rinsed under the tap water. 

See if its attachments are removable. Make sure that the cutting length is adjustable, otherwise, you’ll be trapped with the same hair length. Motor power is important too: 11 Watts minimum. Otherwise, the clippers will chew and painfully tear your locks.

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